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Last updated: June 14, 2020

Welcome to Reading Harbor!

Our Purpose 

Since inception, Reading Harbor American Publishing Company has had one mission-- to produce and promote the proliferation of high quality pieces of literature worth reading. Our deepest desire is to restore book writing and reading to its former glory, as both an enjoyable past-time as well as mind-opening voyage of the senses for our readers.

Our Focus

Currently, Reading Harbor focuses primarily on inspirational, non-fiction pieces of work gathered from around the world. Our talented team includes researchers, editors, academics and writers hailing from a variety of backgrounds -- each experts in their fields --those with industry experience as well as rising stars.

Our Staff

From our extensive network and pool of resources, we scour the globe for unique pieces to add to our collection. Our books stay true to our core vision -- to inspire, uplift and entertain. Much love, heart, sweat and tears is put into each endeavor. We sincerely hope you enjoy our work as much as we do!

For more information, please explore our website. If you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you. You can easily reach us through our web form or through email or telephone.  Please note: Our preferred medium of communication is through email or web form.  Thanks for visiting!

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