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On Literature


“That is part of the beauty of all literature.

 You discover that your longings are universal longings,

that you're not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.”

- F Scott Fitzgerald



Our utmost desire is to create, identify and help proliferate truly great works of literature.  In its broadest sense, literature is any written work. From Latin, the term refers to "writing formed with letters," some definitions include spoken or sung texts. Traditionally, literature is classified into categories, such as fiction and non-fiction. The earliest recorded literature was produced in Ancient Egypt and Sumeria, during the 4th millenium BC.  As society developed, there was a proliferation of various forms of literature. Technology allowed for the spread of such works on a massive scale.

As do our readers, Reading Harbor loves great literature regardless of the form. We have dedicated ourselves to the promotion of the truly great art. A good book on a rainy day can make for a quiet and enjoyable afternoon.  A well written novel can transport the reader to another place and different life.  One can become a voyager across the seas, space, and time in an instant through the passages of science fiction. A student can learn from great philosphers and expand the mind to new horizons from essays.  Most importantly though, words can connect people and revive the human spirit.  In the journey of life, there are few things as truly worthwhile as understanding and appreciating one another's human experience.  

In addition to the works that we produce, we celebrate all great authors-- and the enjoyment and enlightenment that comes with reading.  Therefore, we have created a special section on our website to highlight some of the truly special works that have touched and inspired us. Hopefully, they will be something you can enjoy as well.