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Reading Harbor Publishing Announces Release of New Book “Seeking Human Kindness”


Every person can make a difference.  That's the message behind the new book “Seeking Human Kindness” recently published by Reading Harbor Publishing.  A compilation of 50 different authors telling the stories of their real life adventures, where one good turn ended up with returns far beyond what they ever considered possible.


March 6, 2015


Even the smallest gesture done with warmth and an open heart for someone in need, can have life changing reverberations.  To illustrate this important lesson, and help inspire just this type of activity that helps the world, Reading Harbor Publishing recently announced the release of their new book “Seeking Human Kindness”.  “Seeking Human Kindness” covers 50 real stories, told by the people who experienced the adventures themselves, in a way that's as exciting as it is moving.


“Our mission is to put better books on the shelves,” commented a spokesperson from Reading Harbor.  “Books can make a huge difference in people's lives and this is really a set of true stories that needed to be told.  It's great 'Seeking Human Kindness' has been met with such warmth and positivity.”


According to Reading Harbor, the range of the stories told are very great.  From small acts all the way up to much greater life altering experiences.  The authors are from across the whole range of humanity, with multiple countries, diverse backgrounds, beliefs and educations represented.  All confirming the fact, that everyone can help the world become a better place.


Readers have responded with enthusiasm.


Heather G., recently said, in a five star review, “'Seeking Human Kindness' seeks, and finds that kindness – again and again. This is a collection of uplifting, human centered stories and memories that will make your heart smile and your brain glad you picked it up.  The stories come from all over the world, Guyana, the Philippines, Mexico, Spain, France, Ethiopia, China, the United States and other places. It’s a worldwide feature on the human heart, the kindness we can show and how a small gesture can change a life.  From paying off a debt with a watch to giving compliments or something even larger like helping stop a suicide or directing a mother on where to find a shelter – this is a collection that will speak to your heart. It may even make you a little bit kinder. Sweet, touching and glorious – a great read, and one you should share.”


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Reading Harbor Publishing Announces Release of “The Bullied Anthology: Stories of Success”


Being bullied can be one of life's hardest experiences, and one that potentially changes a person forever.  Reading Harbor Publishing, recently announced the release of “The Bullied Anthology: Stories of Success” telling the real life stories people who have survived bullying, and took the experience to become wildly successful in all walks of life.


July 19, 2015


Bullying is a topic that's not far from the minds of many thoughtful parents, with major media stories telling the horrifying stories of bullied children quite frequently.  Inspirational publishing house Reading Harbor Publishing, acclaimed for their work bringing attention to important issues, recently announced the release of their new book exploring this subject from a fresh perspective, “The Bullied Anthology:  Stories of Success”.  “The Bullied Anthologies:  Stories of Success” delivers the honest and from the heart stories of people who experienced being bullied in their youth, and overcame the experience to become huge successes.


“We basically wanted to create something to help as many people as possible.”  commented a spokesperson from Reading harbor Publishing.  “Bullying is not something that people are necessarily taught how to deal with and we're hoping this can help.”


According to the company, the anthology explores these first hand experiences in a way that's as sensitive as it is inspirational...  culminating in the authors celebrating the roles they now play as Best-selling authors, celebrities, entrepreneurs, teachers, philosophers, lawyers, social workers, and martial arts gurus.  For a person experiencing bullying, the value of reading about these accomplishments could be life changing.


Early feedback from readers on “The Bullied Anthologies:  Stories of Success” has been passionate.


The Midwest Book Review, recently remarked about the new book, “The Bullied Anthology: Stories of Success is dedicated to misfits and outcasts - any who have found themselves on the wrong side of popularity - and provides a powerful anthology that's unexpected in its subject: how to turn the results of bullying into a success story.”


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