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ISBN: 1500391395

"Seeking Human Kindness" is a heart-warming collection of 50 inspirational, real life adventures. Each unique story illustrates an powerful example of how one good turn can lead to thousand fold return.  The charming book spreads a wonderful message that any one has the power to make a difference. 

Each account is told by a different author with a personal life experience to share. Some relate life altering experiences, when one small act actually saved the life of another. Others recall simple gestures, which in the grand scheme of things ended up making all the difference. Even tiny deeds can have a mighty impact on making the world a better and more livable place. 

Authors were carefully chosen, based on those who had compelling stories to tell. They hail from multiple countries, diverse backgrounds, education, skillsets, life journeys, etc. They come together in this compilation to share their experiences in dealing with the life altering after effects of human kindness. 

Price: $13.95